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Thursday 05 February 2008

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The Age Of The Coming Birthday

just the number..anyway im still young

The Place i would like to visit

xtau kenapa nak pegi Netherland..maybe sbb schatje suke cerita psl tempat ni

The Favourite Place

tempat yg paling nyaman dan damai sekali..penuh ketenangan

The Favourite Food

smbl udang.hurm dah terkeliur ni

The Favourite Things

best kan ader perfurme..suke sgt

Nickname I Had

mr romeo akan kekal selamanyer kot..(",)

Name of My Love

hahaha nama die schatje..takmo cite byk2 bahaya...(",)

My Hobby

kalo ader duit asyik nak shopping je..seronok abiskan duit ni

My Bad Habit

hurm tu takleh ubah..silap sikit msti nak marah..dlm proses dah jadi penyabar

My Wishlist

haha honeymoon with yg tersyg..

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