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1. Do u think u're hot? -

mstilah..everybody know aku sgt HOT..

2.Upload your fav picture of you -

3. Why do u like that picture ?

I do know..wat i know i really love this pic..maybe coz i love that guys so much..

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

long long long time ago

5. The last song you listen to ?

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

6. What are doing right now beside this ?

Ader byk call back case yg tak siap lagi ni coz nak setelkan TAG ni..

7. What name you prefer beside yours ?

Hurm Romeo kot..hihihi

People to tag


Mak Munah Zirot

Sri Ayu

Che Sue

Datin Susuk

8. Who is number one?

my very gedik and funky bestfriend

9. Number 3 is having relationship with?

tak ingt nama die but mamat tu duk jauh..ipoh kot

10. Say something about no 5?

suke emosi..

11. How about no 4?

dah jauh kat obersea

12. And no 2?

si chipmunk yg always feeling dlm pokok
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